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Typically, weddings have 20 minutes of music during the arrival and seating time. The ceremony usually has 3-4 pieces--the bridal party entry, the bride entry, the unity custom, and the recessional.

Cocktail Hour

While you are taking special photos, entertain your guests with live music.  


Add a touch of elegance with live music during your meal. 


Lourdes and her team of musicians have played at numerous weddings. You can rest knowing that the music will sound amazing.


Your wedding is unique. I will ensure that you have the best instrument ensemble for the song selection and the wedding size. I have a vast library of repertoire and network of musicians from which to choose. 

Love Story (Cello & Guitar Duo)Taylor Swift
00:00 / 02:11
Hallelujah (Cello & Guitar)Leonard Cohen
00:00 / 02:10
On Eagle's Wings (Cello & Guitar)Michael Joncas
00:00 / 01:59
Airoso (Cello & Violin)JS Bach
00:00 / 02:18
HandelWater Music (Cello & Violin)
00:00 / 02:28

Brides say...

"Lourdes is a breath-taking musician.  Her artistry and stage presence is captivating.  As the cellist for my wedding and reception, she created an ambiance that transcended time.  She plays and carries herself with elegance, which transforms any setting into one rich in beauty."

- Whitney Stutzriem, Bride

“Live music at my wedding ceremony was a must-have. The cello is the MOST romantic instrument, and Lourdes’s ability exceeded all my expectations. And she really set the tone for my fairytale wedding. Coordinating with and selecting songs with Lourdes was so easy. She is talented, competent, and professional. Easiest choice I made during wedding planning.” 

- Katarina Smith, Bride

"Lourdes has the most romantic and rich sound. She played our favorite love songs on her cello flawlessly. Coordinating the music with her was the easiest part of my wedding planning. She made my day. 

- Sofia Bush, Bride

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Excellent music. Every time. 

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