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Bring a concert to you!

Want more than just a cello? I play in many different ensembles. I will work with you to choose repetoire to fit the occasion. 

Do you have a piano?

A piano in good working condition is perfect for your private concert. I will help you choose the ensemble and the music to make your private concert perfect. 

I will work with you to plan your...


The music sets the mood and tone for any event. I will help you create the atmosphere that suits your occasion. 


The arrangement of music matters. I will help you choose the pieces and arrange them in the best order. 


The instruments are key in creating the perfect atmosphere for your event. I will help you choose the right instrumental ensemble.

Choose your formality

Music makes any gathering special. From a simple living room concert with a few friends to a large formal occasion at an ambassador's residence, I will make it special and memorable. 

Book your next musical experience


Nothing is more personal than live musicians playing the music you want creating an exceptional experience. 


Music makes memories. Live music will make your occasion unforgettable.

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